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Cheek Augmentation

Are your cheeks flat, hallowed or asymmetrical? The beauty of the face is strongly influenced by the balance and definition of the cheekbones. Whether you were born with underdeveloped cheek bones or your cheeks have hallowed with age, we can help you at Forever Faces Plastic Surgery in Raleigh. Dr. Kenrick Spence carries specialized training and experience in cheek augmentation surgery and other face & neck procedures. When performed by the right surgeon, a cheek augmentation can transform your gaunt or aged appearance into one that reflects vitality and beauty. Dr. Spence uses the most advanced techniques available when it comes to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for the cheeks.

Cheek Implants and Fat Grafting

Depending on your unique cosmetic or reconstructive needs, Dr. Spence can address flattened cheeks and mid face rejuvenation using cheek implants or fat grafting. He is well versed in each approach and uses delicate precision when restoring the cheeks to their most youthful, balanced and vibrant appearance.

Cheek implants are composed of safe, durable and medical grade materials that simulate the natural bone structure when properly placed. Dr. Spence carefully considers each patient’s candidacy for cheek implants to ensure the procedure will help them achieve the most natural and attractive appearance instead of one that looks operated on or over done.

Fat grafting is also an excellent solution for facial rejuvenation in the cheeks. By taking harvested fat and injecting it into various planes of the lateral and anterior cheek, the patient gains a more revitalized and healthy appearance. Fat grafting is commonly used to reverse the effects of aging that causes the fat pads of the cheeks to sag or migrate downward with gravity. By restoring volume to the cheeks, the tear troughs and under eye region can also be rejuvenated.

When it comes to altering, improving or reconstructing your face, choose Raleigh’s most trusted and talented facial plastic surgeon. To learn more about cheek augmentation or cheek implants at Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, please contact us today. We value the importance of thorough evaluations and tailored procedures so that your individual goals are met in the most rewarding way possible.