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Chin Implants

At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we have a keen understanding of face & neck treatments and what makes a face beautiful and attractive. In terms of the chin, it should be in proper proportion with the rest of the face, particularly the nose. If you have a chin that is understated or not balanced with your other facial features, you may consider chin augmentation. Dr. Spence is a reputable facial plastic surgeon who can improve the appearance of your chin by reshaping it or enhancing its size. For most patients, this is accomplished using chin implants. We use chin implants that replicate the natural feel and look of your chin. Rest assured that chin implants are made of safe material and designed for long-term function.

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, is an excellent procedure for patients who want to alter the look of their chin. Chin augmentation typically involves placing an implant to improve the projection, but it can also involve adjusting or reshaping the existing chin bone. Dr. Spence is committed to using a tailored surgical approach for each patient. When it comes to sculpting the most desirable chin, he is sensitive to the unique needs of each gender. For example, a strong chin and jawline is preferred by men while a softer, more feminine chin is desired by women. Regardless of your age, gender or severity of your concerns, you can trust that careful planning and a full facial evaluation go into the preparation of your chin augmentation procedure at Forever Faces Plastic Surgery.

For a fully balanced and completely rejuvenated look, chin implants are commonly combined with a rhinoplasty and/or facelift procedure. A rhinoplasty may be needed to bring better proportion between the nose projection and chin projection, and a facelift may help redefine the neck and jawline to compliment a chin augmentation. We can help you determine if these additional procedures would benefit you. To schedule your consultation for chin augmentation in Raleigh, please contact us today. Dr. Spence is known for creating natural, balanced and beautiful outcomes when it comes to facial plastic surgery, and we welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your unique aesthetic goals.