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Deviated Septum Treatment

The nasal septum is the wall of cartilage and bone that separates or divides your nose into two separate nasal cavities. Not only does the septum play a critical role in breathing, but it also helps to define the nasal tip and support the middle of the nose. When the septum is off-center or “deviated” from the midline of the nose, it can cause a number of breathing problems, including chronic sinusitis, snoring, frequent nosebleeds, dry mouth and even headaches and facial pain. To restore proper functionality to the nose, a septoplasty may be needed. Septoplasty is the preferred nose surgery for a deviated septum. When performed by an experienced and skilled nasal plastic surgeon, proper breathing is restored while the cosmetic appearance of your nose is also maintained or enhanced.

Dr. Spence is a highly respected rhinoplasty surgeon who is uniquely equipped to address cosmetic and functional problems of the nose. When it comes to deviated septum repair, his expertise in nasal airway function ensures that the breathing efficiency of your nose is just as important as your nasal appearance. Septoplasty is designed to straighten the nasal septum and eliminate any blockage or obstruction that is causing your discomfort. When done as a stand-alone procedure, it is performed entirely through the nostrils without any resulting external bruising or scarring. However, Dr. Spence commonly performs deviated septum repair in conjunction with rhinoplasty for patients who wish to alter the appearance of their nose as well.

Septum Perforation Repair

We also offer septum perforation repair at our Raleigh plastic surgery practice. If the nasal septum develops a hole or perforation, breathing can be compromised and disruptive symptoms such as pain and bleeding can follow. The septum can become perforated from a variety of causes, including a previous nose surgery, nasal injury, cocaine use, excessive nose picking, cancer or certain diseases. While small perforations may heal on their own, larger septum perforations need surgical repair. Dr. Spence uses the most advanced techniques to effectively close or patch a septum hole and restore comfortable breathing for the patient.

When it comes to functional nose surgeries, you can trust Dr. Spence for this depth of experience, delicate surgical hand and artistic eye. We are proud to offer such a comprehensive menu of nose surgeries for patients in the greater Raleigh area. Whether you were born with an imperfect nose or suffered an accident involving the nose, we can help you at Forever Faces Plastic Surgery. We believe everyone deserves to have a nose that functions well and looks attractive.

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