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Durham Revision Facelift

When it comes to facelift surgery, not all plastic surgeons carry the skill and talent required to undo work that has already been done. At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we are proud to serve Durham residents with excellence in revision facelift. Our practice is led by Dr. Kenrick Spence, a renowned board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in correcting poor results from previous facelift surgeries. We understand what a delicate situation it is to undergo plastic surgery again after you’ve had an unsatisfactory outcome. Therefore, we work hard to ensure patients feel confident in their decision to let Dr. Spence address their revisional needs and create the balanced, natural-looking results that were originally hoped for.

Forever Faces Plastic Surgery utilizes the most proven techniques available when restoring the face to its most youthful appearance. When it comes to facelift surgery, Dr. Spence uses a component facelift approach. This means that he takes your unique aging patterns into consideration and develops a customized treatment plan to restore each component. Our facelift techniques involve methods that reduce scarring and produce natural, long-lasting results.

Corrective Surgery for Facelifts

Revision facelift surgery often involves correcting a facelift that was either under-performed or over-done. When the skin is simply pulled tight and the unique needs of the patient are not considered, the results can be disappointing. At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we utilize proven techniques that can create significant improvements in the face without making the patient look “operated on” or unnatural. This can be accomplished by tightening and repositioning the underlying tissue structures of the face as well as addressing areas of the face where fat needs to be replenished or the skin resurfaced. We offer a full menu of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to give patients the most comprehensive treatment plan and the most successful results.

If you are interested in corrective facelift surgery in the Durham and Chapel Hill area, please contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery today. We bring valued experience and distinguished skill in helping patients attain their aesthetic goals, even after a discouraging plastic surgery experience in the past.