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Ear Plastic Surgery

When the ears have irregularities in size, shape or form, they can be a source of low self-esteem and even peer ridicule for children. As part of our plastic surgery procedures at Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we offer cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the ears. Dr. Spence is a highly skilled facial plastic surgeon who understands what it takes to bring the ears into proper proportion and natural balance with the rest of the face. We are equipped to correct ear deformities present at birth as well as those caused by trauma. When working within the delicate structures of the ear, Dr. Spence brings knowledge, precision and artistry to ensure you achieve cosmetic improvement without compromise to your ear function.

Ear Reconstruction Surgeon

There are a number of concerns that can cause patients to be unhappy with their ear appearance, including those that involve protruding ears, overly large ears as well as damaged or stretched earlobes. Even the smallest irregularity of the ears can significantly disrupt the symmetry and harmony of the face. Dr. Spence is a plastic surgeon who uses a patient-centered approach when performing ear plastic surgery, which often involves both cosmetic and reconstructive techniques that are tailored to the patient’s individual needs. Forever Faces Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer the following options in ear surgery:

In general, cosmetic ear surgery is minimally invasive with minimal to no downtime. Dr. Spence typically performs ear surgery as a single procedure, but it can also be combined with other plastic surgery procedures to provide optimal rejuvenation and overall balance to the face.

Contact Forever Faces today to learn how we can improve your ears and restore your confidence with ear reconstruction. Dr. Spence serves the greater Raleigh and Durham area with excellence in facial plastic surgery.