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Torn Earlobe Repair

Have your earlobes lost their shape, become stretched or even torn? The earlobes are made entirely of cartilage, which means that it is easy for them to become damaged or lose their form. Forever Faces Plastic Surgery in Raleigh offers excellence in earlobe repair, a simple cosmetic ear procedure that corrects earlobes that are drooping, stretched or torn. As a highly respected facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Spence is known for his precision, skill and artistry when it comes to reshaping and redefining the facial structures. When it comes to repairing torn earlobes, you can trust that he will create results that are natural looking and long lasting. After proper healing, you should also be able to wear earrings again if you choose.

There are many factors that can compromise the structure, shape and form of the earlobe. Contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery if you have damaged or stretched earlobes from the following:

  • Prolonged wear of heaving earrings
  • Misplaced earrings, too close to bottom of the lobe
  • Multiple ear piercings
  • Injury or trauma to earlobe
  • Natural aging process

Quick, Minimally Invasive and No Downtime Earlobe Repair

With highlighted precision, patient-centered care and the latest surgical techniques, Dr. Spence can perform your earlobe repair with minimal pain and downtime. In fact, this cosmetic procedure is typically done quickly with local anesthesia. During earlobe surgery, Dr. Spence tailors his approach to address the unique needs and concerns of each patient, a commitment he adheres to throughout all of his facial cosmetic procedures.

If you are self-conscious by your shapeless and stretched earlobes or if you can no longer wear earrings because your earlobe is torn, please contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery in Raleigh to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kenrick Spence.. When aesthetic flaws are threatening your self-confidence or quality of life, we consider it a privilege to help.