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Face & Neck Procedures

Facial aging is a significant concern for many adults. Over time, the face loses its youth and beauty as tissues sag, wrinkles form and features become less defined. At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we can help you reclaim your youth through a number of advanced cosmetic procedures for the face and neck. From correcting jowls and providing fuller cheeks to tightening the neck and lifting the corners of the mouth, we offer the complete rejuvenation you need to feel and look your best. At our state-of-the-art plastic surgery practice, we value the importance of providing procedures that fit your comfort level. While we offer the most advanced facelift techniques available, we also provide non-surgical options to improve the signs of facial aging without downtime.

Dr. Kenrick Spence is a reputable board certified facial plastic surgeon who stays at the forefront of his field. When it comes to procedures for the face and neck, he is equipped to address a wide range of concerns with the most minimally invasive techniques and beautiful, long-lasting results. At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we have the ability to help all types of patients, including those that want to tighten or redefine their facial structures to combat aging as well as those that need to repair a damaged facial feature or even create a face they never had. Whether we are providing a facelift, a neck lift or adding volume back to your face with fat grafting, you can trust Dr. Spence to restore youthful form and function while maintaining a natural and balanced appearance.

Forever Faces Plastic Surgery is proud to offer a full menu of surgical and non-surgical options for the face and neck to help you achieve a more confident look:

Plastic surgery is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and the results are only as good as the surgeon you choose. Dr. Spence is a renowned facial plastic surgeon who brings an artistic eye, skilled precision and a depth of experience to your face and neck plastic surgery. He tailors each procedure according to the unique needs and goals of each patient. With our expansive menu of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, we are confident that we can rejuvenate your appearance and highlight your natural beauty the way you deserve.

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