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Facial Fat Grafting

One of the most detrimental aspects of facial aging is the loss of volume that happens over time. Diminished fat tissues in the face cause a number of cosmetic concerns, ranging from hallowed cheeks and thinning lips to increased wrinkles and a less defined brow and jaw line. Fortunately, there is an innovative facial rejuvenation method that can restore your facial appearance back to its most youthful and desirable appearance. Dr. Kenrick Spence brings elite training and deep experience when it comes to facial fat grafting. He is uniquely qualified to perform structural fat grafting using LipoStructure®, a favorable approach that takes harvested fat from other areas of the body and strategically places it into areas of the face that need replenishment. LipoStructure, also termed fat transfer, gives patients the unique opportunity to sculpt their body while rejuvenating their face at the same time.

While LipoStructure® is primarily used to restore the contours of the face, it can also be used to fill skin defects caused by injury, acne or a previous surgery. Dr. Spence will carefully determine your candidacy for fat grafting based on your unique concerns and goals.

Fat Transfer & Facial LipoStructure®

During LipoStructure®, Dr. Spence harvests fat from one area of your body, such as your thighs, flanks, or abdomen, which provides a significant benefit of body contouring for patients. The harvested fat is then purified and prepared for injection into the affected areas of the face that need volume and contour. LipoStructure is a minimally invasive procedure that provides remarkable rejuvenation using your body’s own excess fat.

Fat transfer can effectively fill in facial folds and wrinkles, improve scarring, and restore lost volume to the following facial features:

  • Cheek hollows
  • Under the Eyes (tear troughs)
  • Outer brow or Temples Area
  • Jawline
  • Thinning Lips

While LipoStructure can be used as a standalone procedure for facial rejuvenation, fat grafting and fat transfer are also routinely performed as part of a facelift or lip augmentation procedure. Using a tailored, patient-centered approach, we will make sure your unique goals are met with the best possible procedures and techniques.

If you want more sensual lips or fuller cheeks while contouring your body’s trouble spots, consider LipoStructure from Dr. Kenrick Spence in Raleigh. We are proud to offer the latest, most innovative cosmetic procedures in facial plastic surgery. Contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.