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Injectables & Fillers

Are you looking for a non-surgical approach to turn back the hands of time? Consider our expansive menu of injectables and fillers at Forever Faces Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kenrick Spence is an experienced facial plastic surgeon who is highly regarded in his field. When it comes to facial rejuvenation using injectables and fillers, he understands how to choose the best product for your unique needs and strategically place it so that it produces the most effective, yet natural-looking results.

While the outcome is more temporary than facelift surgery, facial injectables and fillers can be an excellent procedure to gently address the signs of aging without associated downtime. Dr. Spence uses the most proven techniques to minimize swelling and bruising, which helps patients return to their normal activities quickly and confidently.

When chosen and placed correctly, fillers can revitalize areas of the face that have lost volume as well as improve sagging tissues and lost contour. Neuro-modulator injectables, such as Botox, work differently to rejuvenate the face. They can effectively relax the muscles that cause wrinkles. To achieve the most complete non-surgical facial rejuvenation, your treatment may include a combination of selected filler and injectable products. In a short, non-invasive procedure, patients can experience significant cosmetic improvement to thinning lips, crow’s feet, furrow lines, nasolabial folds, neck bands and more. For many patients, facial injectables and fillers are a great way to delay the need for a facelift surgery, brow lift or blepharoplasty.

At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we proudly offer a vast array of facial fillers and injectables, including the most proven products available.

To learn more about fillers and injectables from Dr. Kenrick Spence in Raleigh, please contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery today. After a thorough consultation, we can recommend the best filler and/or injectable product to help you achieve your most youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Botox and Fillers FAQs

My earlobes seem deflated, can they be treated with fillers?
Yes, the earlobes can be treated with fillers this is an off label use and should be done experienced injector at Forever Faces Dr. Spence uses the Hyaluronic acid fillers to treat earlobes.

Can I have a brow lift with fillers?
Yes using fillers in the forehead is an off label use. The multiple crossing of delicate blood vessel and nerves in the forehead injections should be performed by a surgeon knowledgeable of forehead anatomy.

What fillers best used in the lips?
At Forever Faces, Dr. Spence prefers to use the Hyaluronic acid products in the lips. These do not create lumps or a chalk like appearance in the lips.

What fillers are used for fine lines?
Dr. Spence prefers to use Belotero and Restylane Silk or Juvederm Ultra for fine lines around the lips. Fillers that are less viscous do better in these areas.

What is meant by stacking of Fillers?
Multiple fillers may be used in a layered approach or stacked vertically in the face to provide a lifting effected. Dr. Spence will explain more about this in your consultation.

Can fillers be reversed?
The Hyalronic acid fillers can be reversed with an enzyme called Hyaluronidase. Dr. Spence uses this when he sees patients referred in for misplaced filler products.

Is Sculptra a filler?
No, Sculptra is a collagen stimulator which by virtue of natural of the body's reaction to the product there is layering down of collagen results take longer to be seen as it does not create an immediate fill. However; the results can last up to a year and a half.

I want a stronger jawline, can a filler achieve this?
Fillers are excellent at achieving a stronger jawline. Some products are suitable to be injected directly on bone to build up the chin and the angle of the jaw while others are suitable to inject under the skin creating a strong, harmonious jawline.

How can I best be prepared for my filler injections?
At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we have patients stop all blood thinning agents seven days prior to injections Please notify your surgeon if you have potential source of infections for example a potential dental infection.

I had fillers injected beneath my eyelids and now it has a blue discoloration, can this be fixed?
Yes the blue discoloration is called Tyndall effect. Usually the removal of the fillers and proper placement will correct this problem and result in a pleasing aesthetic result.

I had permanent fillers placed in my face and now I have lumps. Can this be corrected?
It is important to know the nature of any filler that is placed in your face, including the longevity and potential reversibility. Due to the extent of Dr. Spence fillers practice he has seen patients referred in with multiple filler complaints. Permanent fillers may sometimes have to be surgically removed for adequate corrections there are other times where other fillers may be placed around the permanent filler to blend the appearance.

I was in a motor vehicle accident and developed a dent in my forehead, can fillers help with this?
Yes, Fillers can be used in the forehead this is off label. Fillers can be used to correct asymmetry in all areas of the face. Again there are many critical blood vessel and nerves in the forehead, this must be done by a surgeon experienced in forehead anatomy.

What is a liquid face lift?
This involves the use of fillers to produce a refreshed appearance to the face. This is applicable because much of the aging process is due to volume loss. When properly and meticulously placed he right areas a result comparable to surgery be achieved in the right candidate.

Are there fillers for neck?
Though Botox may be used in the neck to address the bands or strengthen the jawline- (Nefferititti lift) and Kybella may be used to dissolve fat and skin tightening noninvasive procedures may be utilized. For a very lax neck with sagging skin surgery is often the best remedy.

I have seen patients get fillers and they look so overfilled and cheeky.
An experienced injector may use large volumes of fillers throughout the entire face without producing an overfilled appearance. Your final result is about facial proportion and using the correct fillers in the appropriate place, understanding the fillers that should be placed deep verses superficial.