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Lip Reduction

When one facial feature is too large or out of proportion with the rest of the face, it can distort one’s natural beauty and even cause functional problems. This is especially true when referring to the lips. While many people seek a lip enhancement for thin or flattened lips, there are some that desire smaller, less protruding lips. Lip reduction surgery is a lip augmentation treatment to address this valid concern. Dr. Spence is a renowned lip plastic surgeon who performs lip reduction in our state-of-the-art Raleigh facility. Depending on your unique needs, your procedure may include the top, bottom or both lips.

Correction for Protruding Lips

Although the lips can be increased in size with a filler injection, a surgery is needed to reduce the size of the lips. However, Dr. Spence performs lip reduction surgery as a quick, straightforward procedure. When resizing the lips, a portion of the lip is typically removed through an inconspicuous incision inside the lip. Patients generally have moderate pain for a few days after a lip reduction, but overall healing is quick. Since lip reduction is such a simple procedure, it is common for patients to combine it with lip reshaping for the most desirable results. When appropriate, Dr. Spence may suggest a rhinoplasty to bring the nose and lips into ideal proportion and balance. At all times, Dr. Spence uses a tailored, patient-centered approach to your cosmetic lip correction. He is committed to helping patients achieve balanced, defined and sensual lips, regardless of their genetics, age or past experiences.

At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we realize how detrimental it can be to have lips that are too large. Whether your lips are overpowering the beauty of your other facial features or they have compromised your speech or natural mouth expressions, we can help you. Please contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Raleigh’s leading lip reduction surgeon.