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Male Plastic Surgery

Without question, the benefits of facial plastic surgery procedures cross gender lines. Just like women, men can turn to cosmetic surgery to look younger, more attractive and feel more confident. In fact, for men, facial plastic surgery can also help them retain a competitive edge in their career. Dr. Kenrick Spence of Forever Faces Plastic Surgery has a keen understanding of the unique needs and concerns that men have when it comes to facial aesthetics. He brings dedicated cosmetic surgery techniques that can revitalize the male face without compromising masculinity or creating a “worked on” appearance.

At our plastic surgery practice in Raleigh, we are known for creating balanced and natural looking results in male plastic surgery through the following procedures:

In addition to these procedures, we also have a full menu of surgical and non-surgical services to rejuvenate the face. Whether you want to add an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) to your facelift or a chemical peel after your rhinoplasty, we can customize your treatment plan so that it produces the most attractive and refreshed outcome possible.

Our number one priority when performing male plastic surgery is helping you achieve your specific goals using the most advanced techniques available. You can trust that Dr. Spence is a highly skilled and talented facial plastic surgeon who deeply values individualized, patient-centered care. Improving or altering your facial appearance is never something we take lightly, and you can trust that we will go above and beyond to ensure your experience is as rewarding as it should be.

Contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Spence today for Male Plastic Surgery in Raleigh. We welcome the opportunity to help you reclaim your confidence while preserving your masculinity at all times.

Male Facelift Surgery FAQ

How is a male facelift different?
It is important not to feminize the male face with a facelift. Men tend to have stronger jawlines and lower set brows. The fat in their cheeks is distributed differently than women. It is important to respect these features when performing a facelift on a male patient. Where as in a female patient the neck is contoured to camouflage the Adam's apple in a male patient it may be contoured to accentuate it. Visit an experienced male facelift surgeon at Forever Faces Plastic Surgery.

Are male facelifts more risky?
That depends on the individual patient rather than the gender. Male patients also tend to have a slightly higher risk of hematoma due to increased blood flow and hair growth. This risk can be minimized by meticulous technique during surgery, stopping all blood thinners, and strict control of blood pressure.

Will I lose my sideburns from having a facelift?
No. There should be no loss of sideburns from a male facelift. Incisions can be placed so that scars run just along the hairline with hair growth thru the scar preserving the shape of the sideburns and temple, while providing excellent camouflage for the scars.

Will I have hair growth behind my ears after a male facelift?
Yes, it is possible to have hair growth behind the ears if there is a lot of loose neck skin with a dense beard. As this neck skin is shifted posteriorly this will carry that hair bearing ability with it.

How would I deal with this unusual hair growth?
This can be treated with laser hair removal or intense pulse light. This should not be performed until the facelift has had adequate time to heal. Consult your surgeon at Forever Faces Plastic Surgery as to the timing of this.

Can I have a hair transplant at the same time as my facelift?
Yes. Many patients obtain hair transplants especially to increase the density of the frontal hairline at the time of their facelift surgery. The hair from the scalp that would normally be discarded is used to accomplish this. This does add some time to the surgery but enables a much more youthful look.

Do male patients get fat grafting with their facelift?
Yes. Male patients get fat grafting but it is essential to understand the difference in the distribution of fat in the male face vs the female face. For example, fat can be used to enhance the midface, chin, or jawline whereas a female patient may receive a higher cheek than a male patient.