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MOHS Ear Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to Mohs reconstruction for the face, Dr. Kenrick Spence carries the skill, knowledge and experience it takes for excellent results. Mohs microscopic surgery is an advanced procedure that involves the delicate resection of cancerous tissues, layer by layer, until all of the cancer is removed. The surgery utilizes onsite microscopic examination of each skin layer throughout the procedure. While Mohs surgery is the most preferred and effective way of removing skin cancer, it can leave behind gaping wounds and unsightly scars that need to be repaired. When skin cancer has been removed on the more prominent skin of the face, it is essential to have a plastic surgeon repair the skin deficit.

Dr. Spence specializes in Mohs reconstruction for the ears. In terms of both aesthetics and functionality, the ears require delicate sculpting by the hands of an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. Regardless of the severity or size of your Mohs skin defect on the ear, Dr. Spence restore your ear to its most natural shape and form and ensure that optimal function of your ear is preserved or repaired as well. We understand that repairing the ear correctly after Mohs surgery is critical to your self-confidence and quality of life.

Cosmetic Ear Reconstruction

Skin cancer on the ear is quite common considering its consistent exposure to the sun. Consequently, the defects of the ear after a skin cancer resection surgery can be significant. Dr. Spence will carefully examine the size of the wound and its location on the ear when determining his surgical approach for Mohs ear reconstruction.

Dr. Spence has a keen understanding for reconstructing the ear. Its intricate, three-dimensional nature can make it a complex process. Dr. Spence gives trained precision and strong detail to the delicate curves, peaks and valleys of the ear that may need resculpting. Most often a skin graft from another area of your body is used to cover the wound and reconstruct the ear to its most natural shape and form. We will use specialized techniques to ensure your Mohs surgery wound heals properly and that your scars are as inconspicuous as possible.

With his extensive background in both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, you can trust that your ear plastic surgery will be performed with careful consideration to function and aesthetics. We are pleased to give patients the opportunity to regain a confident appearance after skin cancer removal. Dr. Spence performs Mohs reconstruction on all areas of the face, including the ears, nose, lips and eyes. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Spence, please contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery today. We are happy to work with your Mohs surgeon to coordinate the most optimal time for reconstruction.