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MOHS Eye Plastic Surgeon

Surgical resection using Mohs surgery is the most preferred treatment for skin cancer of the eye, which is most commonly basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma. While Mohs surgery is a highly specialized and effective procedure, it can often leave behind gaping wounds and disfigured scars where the cancerous tissues were removed. When the skin of the eye is affected, this can be very disheartening. Mohs surgical defects can cause functional problems of the eye as well as significant cosmetic concerns, which can be very disheartening for patients. When it comes to Mohs reconstruction for the eye or eyelid, you can trust Dr. Kenrick Spence. He is an experienced facial plastic surgeon who is known for creating superior, natural results when repairing facial defects caused by skin cancer resection.

Cosmetic Eye Reconstruction

During Mohs reconstruction for the eyelid, preserving or restoring optimal function of the eye is a top priority. This includes dedicated techniques to ensure proper function of the eyelid and brow area. The specific surgical technique chosen by Dr. Spence will be based on the size and location of the skin deficit as well as whether or not it involves the tear duct. Rest assured that Dr. Spence brings extensive training and remarkable skill when it comes to reconstructive and cosmetic eye surgery, including complex cases where both the function and aesthetics of the eye need to be repaired. He uses the most advanced techniques to minimize the appearance of your scar and help you regain a natural, attractive appearance around your eyes and other facial features.

If you plan to have Mohs surgery performed for facial skin cancer, it is best to consult with a facial plastic surgeon to coordinate repair. It is possible to have Mohs reconstruction performed on the same day or the day after Mohs surgery. However, it may be delayed longer depending on your specific needs. To learn the ideal approach for your Mohs reconstruction, please contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kenrick Spence in Raleigh.