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MOHS Lip Plastic Surgeon

Lip cancer is a common, yet often overlooked type of skin cancer. Cancer of the lips can be attributed to sun exposure, tobacco use and alcohol consumption. Regardless of the cause of lip cancer, the most effective way to manage it is to remove it during Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery involves the careful excision of thin cancer-containing skin layers until microscopic examination proves that only healthy tissues remain. While Mohs surgery is highly successful at removing skin cancer, it can leave disfiguring wounds and scars. This can be uncomfortable and embarrassing when it comes to the lips. Dr. Kenrick Spence is proud to be a leading Mohs plastic surgeon, which means he carries the unique ability to restore delicate facial structures to their most natural and attractive appearance after Mohs surgery.

Cosmetic Lip Reconstruction

At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, it is our goal to create beautiful Mohs lip reconstruction results so that others will never know you had skin cancer removal. This involves Dr. Spence’s strong sense of detail and precision when repairing the defect and sculpting beautiful, natural lip borders. Dr. Spence performs a wide variety of lip procedures, including surgical and non-surgical methods to alter the size and shape of the lips. Therefore, regardless of the size of your Mohs surgical defect or its location on the lips, you can trust that Dr. Spence is equipped to address it. We want our patients to not only be satisfied in the appearance of their lips after reconstruction, but also be confident in the function of their lips. Your lips convey your emotions and they allow you to eat, drink and speak normally. Lip reconstruction should keep these functional elements as a top priority.

When choosing us for your Mohs lip plastic surgery, you will receive the most advanced techniques available, which are always tailored to your unique needs and concerns. Dr. Spence values the time to consult with each patient so that the lip reconstruction can be planned in a timely manner after Mohs surgery. With the help of a skilled plastic surgeon, you can avoid unsightly scarring after skin cancer removal.

For seamless reconstruction after facial Mohs surgery, choose Dr. Kenrick Spence in Raleigh. After your initial consultation, we can better explain what you can expect in terms of timing, recovery and results for your lip reconstruction. Contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery today for an appointment.