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MOHS Nose Plastic Surgeon

With its prominent location on the face and likelihood of chronic sun exposure, the nose is a common recipient of skin cancer. Mohs surgery is a specialized procedure designed to minimize lost tissues while removing skin cancer lesions. However, a resulting wound and disfiguring scar is nearly unavoidable after Mohs surgery. For such patients, Mohs reconstruction is an ideal choice.

At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we offer Mohs reconstruction for the nose to cosmetically repair skin deficits that were left behind. Dr. Spence carries an esteemed reputation for his work in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. This ensures that he understands the intricate structures of the nose in order to restore it to its most natural appearance and functionality.

Cosmetic Nose Reconstruction

As with any facial plastic surgery, Dr. Spence lets the unique needs and concerns of each patient guide his approach. When choosing us for your cosmetic nose reconstruction after Mohs surgery, we will carefully examine the size of your skin defect as well as its location on the nose. A skin flap or skin graft is commonly used to cover the wound and create the most natural looking results.

Dr. Spence brings refined skill and advanced techniques when performing nose surgery. He is well equipped to handle complex cases involves the nasal tip, bridge of the nose or nostrils. With his keen understanding of the external and internal nasal structures, you can trust that Dr. Spence will create the most cosmetically pleasing nose with a focus on preserving or restoring proper breathing if necessary. His seamless repair of Mohs surgical defects allows patients to have the most undetectable scars after skin cancer removal.

At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we realize that the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer can be overwhelming. We value the opportunity to help patients avoid disfiguring scars that can be a daily reminder of their facial skin cancer. If you want your nose to look and function like its pre-surgery state, seek the expertise of a leading nose plastic surgeon in Raleigh. Contact us today to schedule your Mohs reconstruction consultation with Dr. Kenrick Spence.