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Nasal Fracture Treatment

Trauma to the nose can bring devastating consequences to the nasal appearance as well as its function. At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we offer excellence in nasal fracture treatment. We have an esteemed facial plastic surgeon who specializes in nose surgeries, including those that involve functional and cosmetic reconstructions. We understand how important it is to find a qualified surgeon to repair your nasal fracture, as your nose is the most prominent feature of your face and one that provides essential breathing capabilities.

Ideal nasal fracture treatment involves surgically restoring the structural and functional features of your nose while also providing a natural-looking and attractive cosmetic repair. Dr. Spence uses precision and artistry to carefully realign the delicate combination of cartilage and bones of the nose after trauma. The result is a nose that is balanced, attractive and functional and restored to its pre-injury state.

Nasal Fracture? See a Facial Plastic Surgeon for the Best Result.

If you have broken or fractured your nose, time is of the essence. Neglecting to repair your nasal damage could result in long-term functional and cosmetic issues. In fact, nasal fractures should be treated within the first 7 to 10 days or before the bones heal in an unnatural position. For fractures that involve shifting or displacement, a closed rhinoplasty approach can be used. This may require a cast or splint but no incisions. An open rhinoplasty can also be performed for those that have suffered a severe nasal fracture.

Dr. Spence is equipped to offer a number of nasal repair techniques to address your specific concerns. Not only do we offer primary rhinoplasty for adults and teens, but we also provide a complete list of functional repairs such as deviated septum treatment and nasal collapse. Dr. Spence understands the intricate features of the nose, both externally and internally. This ensures your nasal fracture treatment produces optimal aesthetics as well as full restoration of your nasal airways.

Rest assured that when choosing Dr. Spence for your nasal fracture treatment, we always approach your surgery with a customized plan that considers your overall facial harmony and individual concerns. As a leading revision rhinoplasty surgeon in North Carolina, Dr. Spence knows exactly what it takes to get a nose surgery right the first time.

To schedule your nasal fracture surgery in Raleigh, Durham and the surrounding areas, contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery today. We can handle all types of concerns and injuries related to the nose with an exceptional level of skill and care.