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Nasal Valve Collapse Repair

The nasal valve is an internal component of the nose that acts a flow limiter, as it provides healthy airway resistance as we breathe in and out. The nasal valve is a narrow area of the nose. Therefore, when trauma to this area occurs, it can cause the nasal valve to collapse, which further narrows the airways and obstructs breathing. Dr. Spence is known for his remarkable ability to provide nasal valve collapse repair, either as a standalone procedure or as part of a revision rhinoplasty.

While a nasal valve collapse can occur from an accident or injury, it can also result from a poorly performed nose surgery. In some cases, the removal of a nasal hump during a primary rhinoplasty can cause the narrowest area inside the nose to collapse (the internal nasal valve). When one or both sides of the nose collapse inward during breathing, it is called nasal vestibular stenosis.

Nasal Vestibular Stenosis

To correct nasal vestibular stenosis or the collapse of the internal nasal valve, the area must be rebuilt or reconstructed using a graft. Dr. Spence uses a graft between the upper lateral cartilage and the septum to effectively repair the nose and restore optimal function. This procedure can be complex and may require additional correctional techniques to support the graft. After a thorough evaluation, we can better determine which techniques will offer the best possible solution for you.

Dr. Spence is known for his expertise in nose surgery, including procedures that correct both functional and cosmetic issues. You can trust that he has a keen understanding of the delicate internal structures of the nose, ensuring your nasal valve collapse repair will be delivered with remarkable precision and superior results. We understand how detrimental it is to suffer from nasal complications, especially when it involves functional issues after a previous nose job. Contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery today and schedule a consultation with North Carolina’s most trusted nasal plastic surgeon to help you achieve the results you need and deserve.