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Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Specialist

When performed correctly, rhinoplasty is an excellent way to improve your appearance and restore proper balance and proportion to your facial features. Unfortunately, when done poorly or too aggressively, both the aesthetics and function of your nose can be compromised. Rhinoplasty is a highly specialized area of facial plastic surgery, involving the most prominent feature on the face. Therefore, it is critical that you seek an experienced, qualified and talented plastic surgeon to correct a nose job that produced unsatisfactory results. Dr. Spence of Forever Faces Plastic Surgery is known for his ability to provide excellence in revision rhinoplasty for the greater Raleigh area. Dr. Spence offers a delicate surgical hand and artistic eye when undoing the inferior results of a prior cosmetic procedure.

Corrective Nose Job Surgery

There are many reasons that patients seek revision rhinoplasty, including a residual nasal hump, widened nostrils, poorly defined nasal tip or harsh nasal characteristics. Dr. Spence will tailor your corrective nose job surgery according to your unique concerns and needs. Whether you need nostril lightening and refinement or more extensive nasal reconstruction, you can trust Dr. Spence to use the latest rhinoplasty techniques that can ultimately help you reach the goals you originally set out for.

At Forever Faces Plastic Surgery, we also realize that the function of your nose can be impacted by a poorly performed rhinoplasty. If you are suffering from restricted breathing or nasal valve collapse after your recent nose job, Dr. Spence is fully equipped to address your concerns. We offer an extensive menu of procedures when it comes to the nose, including nasal fracture treatment, nasal valve collapse repair, deviated septum repair, nose reshaping, saddle nose repair and more. Dr. Spence treats men and women using advanced open and closed rhinoplasty techniques, and he carries a keen understanding of the unique aesthetic needs of each gender.

To learn more about revision rhinoplasty in Raleigh, Durham and the surrounding North Carolina areas, please contact Forever Faces Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Spence. We are confident that we can help you achieve the superior rhinoplasty results that you were meant to have.

Revision Rhinoplasty FAQ

I am dark skinned and had a Rhinoplasty now my nose looks to thin and pointy can anything be done?
Yes, revision Rhinoplasty can be performed to bring nasal shape and size more in line with your ethnicity. This often involves building up the nose with cartilage graft.

I have had my nose done 3 times and now there is no cartilage left.
For patients who need restoration of nasal structure with cartilage grafting – ear cartilage or rib cartilage grafts can provide excellent substitutes for cartilage in the nose. This can be used to build up or rebuild and shape the nose providing height and projection.

My tip is pointy but my nostrils still how can this be fixed?
Adjusting the nostril width and symmetry can involve multiple different procedures WEIR excisions are used to remove excess nostril width with a scar hidden in the crease of the nose.

After my Rhinoplasty I was unable to breathe, what can I do?
Many factors can affect breathing after Rhinoplasty- post operative swelling may persist for some time and your Rhinoplasty surgeon may suggestion measures to decrease this. Persistent difficulty breathing after the resolution of swelling should prompt reevaluation looking inside the nose to ensure that some form of blockage does not exist.

After my Rhinoplasty my tip has a pinched look to it, can this be fixed?
Pinched tips can occur after Rhinoplasty with removal of cartilage as scar contraction sets in the width of the nasal tip becomes narrowed. This can be repaired by releasing the scar and rebuilding the tip with cartilage grafts.

My tip is too turned up after Rhinoplasty.
For overly rotated tips or a shortened nose cartilage grafts (septal extensions, tip grafts work very well to derotate and lengthen the nose.

I had a skin cancer removed from my nose now my nasal tip is distorted.
Nasal tip can be restored by tissue from other areas of the face ,for example, forehead flap is an excellent color match as well as cartilage grafts to restore nasal tip projections.